This Week..The Reformer..

What is Pilates Reformer?

Have you ever heard of machine Pilates? No? Most people haven’t and those that have seen it, think it looks like some medieval torture rack! But that can’t be further from the truth. The Reformer will ‘reform’ your life. When celebs say they “do Pilates” they are usually talking about the Reformer.

In basic terms, the Reformer is a machine, like a sliding bed attached to springs to provide a resistance. This adjustable resistance helps you to ‘reform’ muscular imbalances, tone, strengthen and lengthen the body without adding bulk, for a fantastic all over body workout, adding in challenge to your core against an unstable surface and increased tone for the arms and legs more than Matwork. We also add in the use of small Matwork equipment plus our great Reformer Jumpboards for a cardio workout!

The reformer works to lengthen whilst strengthening the muscles rather than building bulk. It therefore makes for an effective, non impact stretching and toning programme that is safe for the joints and favoured by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths.

Reformer is particularly useful for:

  • Helping those with specific injuries and weak abs get a programme started and get out of pain- 1:1 programme
  • For those that like the extra challenge in their workout, push your body and see faster results with the use of an unstable carriage in order to make your body work harder– 1:1 or Twin Reformer Classes
  • Tried Matwork before and found it  too slow for you?
    Try Reformer, you’ll love it!
  • Pregnant mums. The variety of exercise options available is increased by the use of the Reformer and the resistance it provides is extremely valuable- 1:1 programme
  • Joseph Pilates never intended either Matwork or Reformer to stand alone. His approach was integrative, combining mat and machine for the best all round programme, providing the full benefits that Pilates can offer.

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